In March 2010, Country Roads Leasing, LLC started providing municipal lease-purchase financing to government agencies throughout West Virginia.

Our very first project was financing a new garbage packer truck for the City of Dunbar, WV. From there, we've grown to include county commissions, volunteer fire departments, sanitary boards, public service districts, schools districts, and non-profit organizations throughout West Virginia.

Fostering relationships with vendors and banking institutions throughout the region helps us provide a seamless project from start to funding.  Our experience, work ethic, and determination set us apart. 

Our Mission

To make tax-exempt financing an easy process, whereby providing traditional and/or innovative financing solutions for public agencies looking to acquire new or used equipment.


Jeffrey W. Smell, has more than a decade of experience in the equipment lease-purchase financing business.  As Owner and Sole Member of Country Roads Leasing, LLC, Jeff handles the day-to-day operations of structuring projects, locating funding sources and providing customer support.  Jeff's experience and commitment to successful project completion are valuable tools.  

Jeff is also a former City of Bridgeport councilman and fully understands government procedures and policies.